BitBlox Review


BitBlox is a relative newcomer to the free website builder scene, offering beautiful and seamless designs for website creation in a matter of minutes. By using an innovative block system that links page features together with ease, BitBlox provides valuable, easy-to-use tools that don’t require excessive time or money.

As a new company attempting to compete against numerous long-standing players in the website builder industry, BitBlox can’t provide a wide range of features and templates like more established website builders, like or Squarespace, can. With that in mind, there are still many applications and businesses that fit well with what BitBlox is able to accomplish. With a straightforward design and intuitive tools, BitBlox offers many advantages that may be right for both small businesses and personal use.

Ideal For


  • Simple Company Pages – Ideal for new companies and agencies building a primary presence, BitBlox provides all the basics necessary to put together a functional, attractive website. Simple and straightforward, this platform can be tailored to any standard page that prioritizes information and communication over in-depth function.
  • Personal Websites – Personal branding makes a huge difference in many industries, and BitBlox can give you a reliable platform for building a personal website. With the ability to add galleries, portfolio pages, and much more, you can create a comprehensive approach to your identity.
  • Restaurants and Catering – BitBlox advertises expertise in the restaurant and catering industry, offering capabilities for online marketing, menu listings, daily specials, and more. Basic in execution, beginners to web design can create beautiful restaurant pages in no time.
  • Wedding and Events – BitBlox templates are perfect for wedding websites and event pages. With the ability to create a professional appearance through use of stylish templates, users can promote upcoming community and corporate events, wedding images and guest information, and more.
  • Sport and Fitness – Whether you work as a personal trainer, own a gym or fitness center, or are an athlete building a brand and identity, BitBlox offers templates specific to sports or fitness endeavors. With the ability to present workouts, show photo galleries, and even display calendar events, athletic professionals and businesses can easily assemble a high quality website.
  • Education – BitBlox makes course-specific and educational institution sites easy. Companies and educators can provide the option to sign up for classes, download coursework, view tutorial videos, and purchase educational material.

In order to help users seeking more information, BitBlox provides the opportunity to browse through their library of templates before making a decision. This allows prospective customers to see exactly what can be achieved with some of BitBlox’s basic, pre-fab site designs. For those with other ideas, templates can be altered as needed with an extensive library of available blocks.

User Friendly


With the motto “create websites in the blink of an eye,” the entire BitBlox platform is built around user-friendly features, making it easy for beginners to assemble attractive, creative websites in minutes. Getting started is extremely simple; interested individuals don’t even have to sign up before giving website construction a shot.

BitBlox uses a building block approach to web design, allowing users to drag content blocks to appropriate areas within a template. The creation process is extremely intuitive with no complexities on the back end that stand in the way of a coherent design. Text, when typed, is adjusted to fit properly within the template, and images are automatically sized to provide a pleasing aesthetic. Users can change text size, font, and color easily with a simple menu. Site features, like text blocks, links, buttons, and images can also be duplicated and adjusted, allowing for simple modification of any given template. The creation process is highly instinctual, utilizing industry standard icons and images to guide users in the right direction.

The majority of BitBlox templates are designed in a single page format, rather than independent pages that need to load, all site data is available on one scrolling home page. This allows content creators to provide as much or as little is necessary in a format that looks and feels professional. Additional sections can be added and deleted as necessary, with options like paragraphs, landing pages, product feature pages, and more. For an additional fee, BitBlox users can transition to a multi-page design.


Many web builders are more alike than they are different; available features are generally what can distinguish one platform from another. BitBlox offers a simplistic, utilitarian suite of tools, abilities and options, which enable customers to assemble a professional looking website very quickly.

Templates & Design


BitBlox provides a range of templates for numerous different purposes, including restaurant and catering sites, wedding websites, event pages, athletic and fitness sites, and more. However, instead of a wide variety of different layouts and options to choose from to get started, BitBlox provides one website template for each category available that can then be altered and edited. Compared to the competition, this can be quite limiting, especially if existing designs aren’t quite suitable. Those unhappy with stock designs can create custom templates by selecting preferred blocks and linking them together. Unlike some competitors, custom creation doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or coding.

Templates can be moved and changed quite easily. Final products are limited by the available blocks, which include the following main categories:

  • Menu
  • Cover
  • Blog
  • Features
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonial
  • Team
  • Contacts
  • Pricing
  • Footer

There does not appear to be a way to create a custom block, although blank paragraph templates are available. Customization ability is limited by block layouts, including image insertion, typed text, and linked buttons. In general, web builders can make adjustments to features like text style, size, and color, image size and location, links, block order, block usage, and color palette.

Storage Space and Bandwidth

Storage capabilities can be an important factor when considering a website builder. While some simple sites may not be restricted by limited storage and bandwidth, larger, more creative sites can be unable to function appropriately without adequate access.

Many website building platforms offer tiered access to storage, but BitBlox is different. A subscription includes hosting services, which provides unlimited bandwidth and storage. This is especially useful for art pages and personal portfolios, allowing site owners to store unlimited images and video clips. This is included in both BitBlox subscription packages, providing flexibility regardless of budget or style preferences.


In order to provide the best possible advantages for users, BitBlox ensures mobile optimization for all sites through the use of responsive designs. All created sites function flawlessly on PCs, cell phones, and tablets, ensuring your new website won’t get buried in search engine results pages. In addition, BitBlox offers mobile app showcase sites, providing an easy way for site visitors to access your app on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Audio, Video and Photo Galleries

For many companies, displaying a gallery of images or video is an essential part of self-representation. Anyone involved in art, media, marketing, or other creative fields needs these functions in order to construct a successful page.

In order to accommodate the need for media, BitBlox provides ample opportunity to display as many images, videos, and sound clips as necessary. With functionality to add numerous images as part of many of the available blocks, it’s possible to show off your work with style.


If you would like to add a blog to your site, BitBlox provides convenient blog blocks that allow users to post many articles as necessary. However, while some website building platforms offer a unique blog feature, BitBlox does not.

For those more serious about making blogging a central part of their web presence, there are other builders, as well as standalone blogging sites, that may be a better option. BitBlox also does not take advantage of blogging-related plugins like many of its competitors, although these improvements may be in the works as the platform gains momentum.



Hosting is included as a part of every BitBlox subscription, providing a reliable resource for site hosting. Subscriptions are available in two forms:

  • Single page websites for $5 a month, or $3 a month on an annual basis
  • Multiple page websites for $7 a month, or $5 a month on an annual basis

If you’re undecided about using BitBlox long enough to make an investment, or are hesitant to try a new and untested website builder, there’s a trial period to set your mind at ease. Users can try the platform for free for 14 days, and can even build a site without signing up. Websites automatically come with a BitBlox subdomain, but custom domains can also be purchased and utilized as needed.



BitBlox provides a support form users can filled out available on their website. This form allows concerned parties to choose a category and write a custom message. In addition, users can upload files, like screenshots of any problems occurring or images that error out while uploading.

By leaving a name and email address, the BitBlox support team can follow up accordingly. However, the site does not specify how long it takes to address technical issues, and tech support hours of operation are not listed. There is no other contact information provided for the company.

Comparing to more establish website builders, many of whom offer 24/7 online support, call centers, and more, BitBlox can’t keep up. This is a significant disadvantage, especially as an untested site without resources dedicated to usage and troubleshooting. There are also no tutorials, help guides, or walkthroughs available for first time users.

Pros and Cons


Despite its status as a fledgling company up against many key industry players, BitBlox is able to provide an impressive product with lots of usable blocks that can be assembled in just a few clicks. Sites can go live in a matter of minutes, providing an immediate web presence for those in need. BitBlox users can choose from numerous pre-made templates, or, if in search of something different, can build custom sites using any selection of blocks. The web building tools are easy to use, and can accommodate a wide variety of different needs. For those who are looking for an attractive, professional-looking site that can be completed in next to no time, BitBlox offers a compelling option.

In addition to a simple web builder, BitBlox also offers other advantages, including mobile optimization and unlimited storage and bandwidth for image and video hosting. With some of the lowest prices in the industry, those willing to try an untested platform may benefit greatly with an affordable, attractive website of professional quality. As BitBlox develops a loyal user base, there is a chance currently lacking features, like the use of plugins, may be supported in the future.


Despite the advantages of an easy-to-use free website builder, BitBlox does have some notable disadvantages. Primarily, the platform lacks many of the features other comparable options have in spades. For example, BitBlox doesn’t support ecommerce functionality or online restaurant ordering, and does not currently work with any of the plugins available for competitors like Wix and WordPress. This severely restricts functionality, limiting performance to strictly the basics. BitBlox is generally not suitable at all for large commercial pages, and there do not appear to be export or archive capabilities. Companies with significant functional requirements, like online sales, an engaged social community, or custom site layouts may not find BitBlox to be a good fit.

In addition, BitBlox doesn’t provide additional benefits to users to enhance performance. There are currently no ties with social media sites to make sharing easy, and the platform does not support digital communication creation, like newsletters and emails.


If you’re seeking a very cheap platform that includes custom template creation, hosting, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and mobile optimization without frills or overly complicated plugins, BitBlox provides a great opportunity. However, as a very new and largely unknown opportunity, there are, of course, inherent risks. Without a history of support, longevity, and quality performance, the long-term benefits are yet unknown.