Launched in 2005 and headquartered in Canada, Shopify has a decade of experience in the ecommerce site building arena, with over 175,000 online stores currently powered by its platform. Shopify’s servers are located in the United States.

Shopify has grown from a small, unknown company to one of the leading (if not the top) ecommerce site builders, helping businesses sell over 10 billion dollars of products so far.  Shopify is easy enough to use for small “mom and pop” shops yet powerful enough to handle large ecommerce businesses with thousands of products to sell.

Shopify Overview


Shopify’s complete ecommerce solution gives you the tools you need to:

  • Create a professional looking and functional online store
  • Beautifully display your products, with complete descriptions
  • Organize your store for easy use by customers
  • Promote and sell your products securely on any mobile device
  • Process, fulfill and track orders right from your dashboard
  • Ship orders efficiently with built in shipping tools
  • Manage your inventory – both for online and in-person sales
  • Process credit card payments safely and securely
  • Complete face-to-face transactions with integrated POS system
  • Market and promote products through email marketing
  • Sell your products through multiple social media channels
  • Synchronize sales made at your retail location with those made online
  • And so, much more…


The Shopify site builder uses a simple dashboard with drag and drop functionality that requires no coding.  However, if you want more customization options than the ones that are built-in to the platform, Shopify gives you complete access to HTML and CSS codes.  With Shopify, you can use one of their professional pre-designed templates to build your online store, or you can hire a professional designer to build one from scratch (or do it yourself, if you know how).