Founded in 2005, uCoz is a website building tool offering optimal control. While many major website builders are geared more toward users who lack any foundation or experience in HTML and CSS, this particular website builder gives you direct access to the source code. If you don’t know how to write code, this site may not be for you, though it is possible to work around code writing by taking advantage of the premade modules. Over the years this builder has improved to offer thousands of great widgets and features for your convenience, and it is possible to create a beautiful site with some time and practice.

ucoz overview

uCoz tends to attract users who are more tech savvy and comfortable with manipulating code. You can really get into the minute details and behind the scenes work with this website builder, and that brings a certain attraction that competitors like Wix just can’t provide. They do have drag and drop capabilities, but these don’t measure up well against some of the biggest competitors today. Even so, you can produce an attractive and professional website for personal or professional use.