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Opening an online store is a huge deal for small-business owners. It opens the doors to new potential customers and offers an opportunity to build your brand and your image. To that effect, creating an e-commerce website is like opening a new storefront. It invites people in, and in order to be effective in doing that, it needs to be functional, attractive, and demonstrative of what your business does and stands for. To help our small-business friends build their online presence and launch their new e-commerce website, we’ve collected some of the many online store website templates we love here. These templates are a great, and often easy, way to build out your online presence. Apothecary

We love’s Apothecary template because of its ratio of text to images on the homepage. The rotating carousel of products offers a greater range of opportunity to show off products without overwhelming potential customers. It entices them to navigate deeper into the site, and the quick view function on the category-level pages is another opportunity to showcase more without asking customers to click deeper than they want to. T-Shirt Market Template

On the flip side, we love the T-Shirt Market online store website template for the very opposite reasons we loved the first design from This template seems to operate under the idea of “See it. Love it. Buy it.” It shows all of your cards, your inventory, allowing the customer to make quick purchasing decisions, which could be deadly for late-night online shoppers who might be purchasing on a whim! Brine

Brine online store template is beautiful and really has some bite to it! We love this template for its use of images and seamless navigation that lets customers move around effortlessly, with consistent prompts to “Shop Now.” When creating an e-commerce website, it’s important to gently remind the customer why they’re there. Sure, shopping online can be kind of like window shopping, but we all know that the salesperson hovering nearby is a reminder of the store’s function. The discrete and accessible placement of the repetitive “Shop Now” is a great function without being too overbearing. Clay

Clay by is creamy and modern. The color palette is so pale that you really need to look closely to distinguish its different shades, and it’s that subtlety that allows your inventory to take center stage. The modern fonts can work for a wide range of products, contrasting with or complementing the goods you offer. Haberdasher

Haberdasher store template is a lovely combination of elegance and casualness. It allows you to showcase a featured product right out of the gate, then funnels customers through the accessible category-level pages, each with its own distinct inventory opportunities. The navigation is very subtle and almost gets lost in the midst of the imagery; but it’s still very functional, thanks to the well-organized homepage. Barcelona Gracia

This eCommerce website template is really fun! Paired with a colorful central image of your own, you can use the contrast of the bold, black sans-serif text to showcase your company’s hip vibe. The navigation is no-nonsense and very straightforward, allowing customers to navigate through the sales funnel easily. Zurich Riesbach’s modern and responsive Zurich Riesbach template is bold and bright. It allows you to really use the homepage as your store window, showcasing your latest inventory and grabbing the attention of potential customers. Its sections of text are perfect for multifaceted businesses that offer both products for sale and supplemental services. The website template is equally appealing on any mobile device, perfect for on-the-go customers. Fashion Boutique

This might be one of our favorites! The Fashion Boutique website template by offers an incredible number of opportunities to showcase your latest inventory. It has the image carousel we always appreciate and several different sets of image frames that complement the different types of inventory you offer. The “New Arrivals” section allows you to rotate out your images to keep it fresh and interesting for new and returning customers. Furniture Store

The Furniture Store template is perfect from those looking for online store website templates that need to support larger price points and offer a little more justification on the consumer’s end. With brief descriptions with each product, you have even more opportunity to highlight the benefits, selling points, and features of each product you offer. Certainly, pictures are worth a thousand words, but the additional text space in this template might be just what you need to highlight the super-important yet subtle features of your products. Family Website

While most personal website templates look professional and slightly cool, we love this website design for how personal it allows you to be, especially if you are using this as a platform through which you can stay connected as a family. This is a simple template that allows you to share what’s important to you in a very straightforward way. After all, you’ve got stuff to do, a family to wrangle, and a business to run; you might not have time for all of the bells and whistles.