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Finding the Best Website Builder Starts Here

We’ve done the research and we’re here to share it so you make the right choice, the first time. Our in-depth and always updated website builder comparisons lay out all of the pros, cons, bonus features and information of all the major players, and some you might not have even heard of.

How Do We Assess Website Builders?

We’ve been in your shoes. You need a website, and you’re thinking of creating it using an online website builder. The only problem is: which one? With so many options at your fingertips, it’s hard to know which website builder is right for your specific needs and budget. Let Best Website Builder simplify the process. 

We meticulously check and document the most critical factors and crucial features, so you always know what you’re going to get. Developed after hours on hours of use and experience, we assess every aspect of each website building platform. Here are just some of the main items we check for:


From free to expensive, we detail what you get for your money.

Templates & Design

We catalog which site builders have which kinds of templates and design features.


Knowing what features a website builder has is crucial to making the right choice.

Plugins & Apps

From form builders to email marketing, we document which apps and services are available.


Ease of Use

Our user-friendliness scale will let you know which site builder is made for your level.


Having a mobile-ready website is key – we make sure to check for it.



Do you prefer help over the phone or via email? Find all the options in our comparisons.



Search Engine Optimization can be built into certain platforms – we check for that.


Want to set up shop? We compare eCommerce features so you get the best fit.

Why Use a Website Builder?


It’s DIY-friendly

You can do it completely on your own, and still get a result that looks pro and functions the way you want and need it to.


Tons of feature options

From basic design elements to the latest trends in tech – it’s all doable in a matter of clicks and it is easier than ever.


There’s no code involved

Most platforms utilize drag and drop technology, so you don’t need to speak the complex language that is code.


Thousands of Templates

You never need to start from scratch, just choose the template you like and get started in minutes.


Costs are low

It won’t cost much to get a result you’ll love. You can update your site anytime as much as you want, and you won’t pay extra fees.


Hosting is usually included

Secure hosting is one of the most expensive aspects of owning a site – we’ll let you know which website builders take care of this for you.


Great Support

If you ever get stumped or encounter an issue, you can always contact the support team of your chosen website builder.

Typical Website Builder Users

Depending on your specific industry and needs, the perfect website builder will vary from person to person. With so many to choose from, there’s a platform for just about everyone – no matter how much of a beginner you may be or what your needs are. Our website builder comparisons are here to make the process easy.

Small Businesses

From carpentry to advertising, if you have a service to offer you need a website that highlights your strengths and promotes them.

Online Stores

Have a product to sell? It belongs on the internet. Setting up an e-store is easier than ever with some of the top website builders.

Online Booking

Yoga instructors and physicians can make it easy for customers to schedule appointments and classes right on your website.


With so many photos to share with the world, you’ll need a website that includes galleries that showcase your work.


You don’t need a record label to be heard anymore. Uploading your tunes to your website is a great way to grow your fanbase.


Fill up those rooms by convincing guests to book with room and amenity details, photos, and more.


Share your menu, photos of your eatery and more via your website, and see more orders come in.



Like to share your knowledge? Starting your own blog is quick and painless with the right website builder.


The online CV is becoming more and more common. People everywhere are putting their work and achievements on a website.

Website Building News You Got To See

Wix Code is Now Available To All Users

Wix announced several months ago that it had developed Wix Code, which provides a person with the ability to create with no limitations. This Wix Code, once limited to certain people, is now available to the general public. The integrated development environment known...

Digital Advertising In Focus; Wix Is Out Of Superbowl LII is forgoing Super Bowl advertising in 2018, opting instead for digital advertising. According to Omer Shai, Wix's Chief Marketing Officer, the company wants to focus on digital campaigns and promote the brand by working alongside influencers. He said Wix would...

Shopify Launch “Arrive” To Track Shipped Packages

Shopify announced a package tracking tool known as Arrive. It works to consolidate all consumer shopping shipments into one location, let you receive updates on their status and provide customer service when necessary. The basic idea behind it is familiar to those who...

Will Ferrell Promotes as Cord Hosenbeck

Amazon recently announced their plans for the upcoming Rose Parade, including the show's hosts - Saturday Night Live veterans Will Ferrell & Molly Shannon. The two will host the show as Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, made-up TV broadcasting duo. Although this being...

Shopify’s Hatchful Help Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Designs

Shopify is presenting entrepreneurs with even more opportunities to develop their brand and market themselves. Their latest tool is called Hatchful. The Ottawa-based e-commerce company developed the app so that any company or small business can create its brand assets...

Jimdo Introduces Dolphin – Builds Your Website In 3 Minutes

Jimdo is working to release its new, easy-to-use tool known as Dolphin. Dolphin can create unique websites based on the information users input to the questions asked. With those answers, the tool will produce a website that's customized with your particular industry...