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Squarespace is headed to the Superbowl for the 5th time and is switching their award-winning ad star for Keanu Reeves. The company says Reeves has been using their platform for a while now, using it to build his motorcycle business website.
Reeves is known for his lead parts in major blockbusters like “The Matrix,” “Speed,” “John Wick” and many many more.

After winning the creative arts award for their SB commercial last year, Squarespace has set quite a standard for themselves. However, not much is known for now about this year’s plan in regards to what is going to be in the commercial itself.

Squarespace may be the only website builder to take part in this year’s Superbowl commercials frenzy, as already announced they’ll sit-out this year, and GoDaddy has yet to announce the company’s plans.

Here’s a reminder of last year’s brilliant ad